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Dexter helped to capture a serial killer

Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay

Dexter is going after a priest who have raped and killed children as young as 5 year old. 


That's the best opening. Hundreds of Catholic priests who have raped children have gotten away with it. Who wouldn't want some cleaners to go after these Catholic priests in the neighborhood. 


Dexter is a clean monster. He digged up the corpses of these young victims and confronted the Catholic priest. Of course, the priest prayed and begged, but the end is there finally.


And this is only the opening of the book. 


The story goes on with Sergeant Doakes on his tail. 


So Dexter hsa to pretend to be normal.  So normal that he is becoming boring. He visited Rita and played with her two children. He like children.


Now there is a very strange killer. Technically, he is not a killer. He cut up his victim, one part at a time, and clean up the wounds. So the victim survive and continue in a poor stage below death finally come. Very clue way. 


So... Debbie wants Dexter to help find this cruel monster. 


And walked in with the FBI Kaly. 


And the story go with Dexter being reluctant partner with Doakes to find this UnSub. More victims and all linked to the past of Doakes and Kaly. 


The fun part is the language. It is humorous and Dexter being a self realizing monster make him so likable.  Being a responsible brother also forced Dexter to get involved in finding this monster. 


A good read.