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Nap found the truth about his twin brother's death

Don't Let Go - Harlan Coben

Nap is a cop.


He had a twin brother Leo who was died 15 years ago.


His old high school girlfriend Maura run away soon after that. 


Now all this has come back when Maura's fingerprints found on a crime scene.


Angie was a retired cop. He was the father of Diana, the girlfriend of Nap's twin brother's girlfriend. 


The crime scene is for Rex, a traffic cop who was killed while stopping a DUI. 


The story goes with the mysterious circumstances of the death of Rex. Who killed him and why? 


And why is Maura's prints there? 


Nap is likable as he is a nice person who talked to his dead brother in his head.


Myron also did a cameo linked the timeline while Nap is trying to find his friend Hank, a mentally ill old friend. 


It is not as good and action pack as the other book, but it is still flavourful with different characters giving Nap clues and information.


There is a military site in the backdrop that seems to link to all these death. 


Enjoyable read. 


And Nap as a characters haven't got a chance to develop into fully character like Myron. Still pretty good read.