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Dexter is being hunted

Dexter in the Dark - Jeff Lindsay

Dexter is a clean neat serial killer who lived by the rule of Harry, his adopted father, to kill only bad guys. 


The bad guys who killed children is exceptionally high on Dexter's list.


Dexter is also a forensic lab tech working for the police along side his sister Deborah.   


So when Dexter feel he is being followed, he is trying to find out who and why.


In the meantime, the Dark Passenger is gone. Gone from his mind as if he is a separate entity instead of part of his psychosis. 

There is a new ritualistic killings with headless corpses displayed in public. 


The police is after a professor, and he was caught, the killing continued. 


The fingers pointed to another professor but there is no evidence. 


Debbie is not really a good detective as she rely too much on Dexter. 


Dexter is getting married and he noticed that Astor and Cody, the soon to be his step children might have the dard trend as well.


Fun read. 


Although it is pure imaginative theory based on fantasy. 


One, children with trauma in early life might not necessary develop dard trend. They might be frightened, and have anxiety, but that's usually it.


Two, homicidal tendency is  part of the person's mind and not a separate entity. 


Aside from that, it is fun read.