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Unexpected journey of a gay man

Less - Andrew Sean Greer

Arthur Less is a writer going to be 50 soon. 


He has two very long term relationship. One with a famous poet, another one is son of a friendenemy Freddie. 

Freddy is now getting married to Tom and sent him a wedding invitation. Less could not go to the wedding as he has not gotten over him yet, but he couldn't really turn it down either without a good excuse.


So Less, being clueless on what to do, accepted invitations as speaker, as lecturer, as participant in competition. That would take Less out of the country and be in France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, India and Japan.


What a trip. 


In his encounters, Less found himself thinking of his life, as a writer who slept with genius. A nice gentleman who has very little awareness of himself in the world beginning to see himself in a different light.


As a reader who prefer action, and plot twists, this book comes surprising fresh and entertaining. It is not as self-indulgence as I expected, of the protagonist being a middle-aged white man. 


The skill of the writer Andrew Sean Greer to be able to capture embarrassing moments of Less life and turned it into something sweeter and deeper for the character and the readers as well.


Really well done. Highly recommended read.