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June reading wrap-up

Only read 8 books in June. All good one range from 5 stars to 4.5 stars. 


5 stars read 


Less - Andrew Sean Greer 


What a wonderful story about a gay man, going 50 and try to run away from the fact that his ex-lover is getting married. He accepted invitation on speaker spot and guest lecture so that he could avoid attending the ex-lover's wedding. 


The writing is witty and with lot of self-reflection on who he is. Such a lovely books and so packed for less two hundreds plus pages. 


The Whole Truth - David Baldacci 


The Whole Truth is political thriller. In the age of fake news, this book has talked about perception management, about manufacturing perceptions through media by generating fake news. 


The story of a reluctant secret agent Shaw and how he wanted out.  Katie is a journalist who is also a drunk. She is good when she is sober. 


They team up and try to find the truth. Really good story especially on how fake news generators fooling the public. 


4.5 stars read: 


Don't Let Go - Harlan Coben 


Nap tried to find out how the fingerprints of his old and dead girlfriend could be found on a crime scene. 


Nap is talking to his dead brother in his head. The story is about conspiracy and discovery of truth. The characters are a bit under developed. Overall, it is still a pretty awesome read. 


The Innocent - David Baldacci 


Will Robie story about how he didn't finish the job because a child is involved. Seldom do audio book but this is an exception. 


Pretty nice going as he team up with a runaway with someone after her. 


Action packed with plot twist. Also the first book that Will Robie met Blue Man. 


Dearly Devoted Dexter - Jeff Lindsay  Dexter in the Dark - Jeff Lindsay  


Two Dexter books. The writing is humorous and Dexter is continue to develop as a serial killer with principle. 


Dexter lives with Henry's rule. 


He is a crime lab tech by day, and vigilante of some sort by night. It is not only out of sense of justice that he killed the very bad guys. It is also to satisfy his own hunger for the kill. 


Pretty awesome read. 


Point Blanc - Anthony Horowitz  Skeleton Key - Anthony Horowitz  


Two Alex Rider book. Point Blanc is about infiltration of a school for rich troubled kids. Skeleton Key is about Alex in danger of being assassinated, and being on loan to CIA to discover who bought a nuclear bomb. 


Teen spy books are pretty good with action and danger but no come out good at the end. 


Fun read. 


That's all 8 books read in June. Not a bad month but I was trying to finish more books from the TBR pile.