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How an assassin found a family

Hellbent (Evan Smoak) - Gregg Hurwitz

Evan Smoak is a former government trained assassin. A program that recruit orphans to work. They are all given a code name started with "Orphan". Evan is Orphan X. 


His handler bond with him and trained him to remain human.


Once he run away from this black-op, he wanted to use this skill to help other people in desperate situation that could use his skill set. 

Call  1-855-2- NOWHERE and he would help you.  


He received a call from Jack. That lead to a package. 


Now he is on the run with the package. 


More people try to kill him while he still tried to take on case. 


It works well together as the character developments allow enough details into the mind of a man who has a past still not letting him go yet. He wants to move forward but his past is a bit too dangerous and unpredictable to draw someone new into his life.


In this book we learned about the 10 commandments from Jack. Don't let an innocent dies is one of them. Also, not killing children.


While reading this, Evan drink vodka. I drink vodka but I haven't try any of the expensive one that the book mentioned. Would like to try Glass Kona with coffee infusion. 


The moving forward part is hard, especially for someone who killed before. If he is not being hunted, he should at least see a therapist and see if he is suffering PTSD. 


The solitude. The straight discipline. The anxiety of social interaction. All very endearing. The responsibility forced upon him is texting as well. 

The story moved along quite smoothly in a fast pace. But leave enough space for Evan self reflection and character development. 


Like it a lot. High recommended.