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A death of a librarian

The Collectors - David Baldacci

Oliver Stone is a member of the Camel Club. Fellow member Caleb Shaw is working in the Library of Congress and his coworker was murdered. 


So he called Stone who got involved in the investigation. 


Annabelle is the daughter of a con man. She is doing in job to get load of money from a very bad man. The very bad man that killed her parent. 


The start of the books seems to be telling two separate story. One of a con and the other of a murder. 


Interesting to see how the two parts of the story merged and become one. 


The bad guys are pretty scary in this one. All murderous and cruel. The good guys are good but clumsy. Luck and a bit of work get them to reveal the truth. 


Really enjoyable read.  


Oliver Stone hasn't really developed much in this story. He was dangerous but not overly cautious. And he made mistakes. 


Not sure if the writer is trying to make him out to be skilled but vulnerable at the same time. But who wouldn't want to have a friend like that.