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Oliver on the run and solved crimes

Divine Justice - David Baldacci

Oliver Stone jumped off a cliff in the last book. 


Now he needed to lay low and escape the hunt. He killed two bad guys who killed his fellow Camel Club member. 


Now he reflected on why he even trying to stay alive. He is good to go and ready to die. But his survival instinct kicked in.


He buy ticket and is on a train when a young man got into trouble. Danny was being beaten up by some guys and Oliver stepped in. His reward for being good is for the conductor to kick him out of the train.


Having nowhere to go. He followed the kid home and make sure he got in safe. He was not poor and his mom asked Oliver to stay and work on odd jobs to earn some money. 


Divine is a minor town with drug problem. But the town didn't look wore down.


So where is the money coming from?


It is also the town that host a max security prison.


Now things go a lot hairier when some people got killed. 


While this is happening. Joe Knox is looking for Oliver, an order from Hague, a powerful agent superior and bad guy. 


The Camel Club are mourning for the death of Milton and worry about Oliver. Of course they are going to help Oliver, whether he likes it or not.


Alex Ford in on the fence because of his position. 


But of course, in story like this, friendship comes before loyalty to the job. 




Not as action pack but the tension is there and the story build up pretty nicely. 


4.5 stars read.