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The Forgotten - David Baldacci

Paradise is not what it seems. 


A tourist attraction with nice beach and sands.


A few things are not right. John Puller was there because his aunt sent a letter to his father. 


Now the aunt is dead. Did someone kill her? 


While John is busy investigating, he got to know the local police woman who like him a bit too much. Yes, she suggested to sleep with him but he think better of it as they are now working together. 


Another help is coming from a one star general who seems to want to sleep with him too. What's wrong with these women? They are at a beach, pick some boy toys and get that desire satisfy and stop messing a good working relation. 


Back to the case. Another tall strong man is on the case too. He is a foreigner who smuggled in to find someone or something. 


A lawyer who get rich too quickly is also involved. 


Things are getting more interesting.