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John Puller on R & R solving crime

The Forgotten - David Baldacci

First they killed his aunt.


John Puller Jr was on R & R when his father shown him a letter from his aunt.


24 hours later he found his aunt died in shallow pool in her backyard. 


That started Puller on the case. Not his original intent but he needed to see it through. The aunt was an important person in his childhood and if there is someone out there who killed her, he needed to find this person.


Someone also is looking for justice. A bigger man. A determined man Mecho. These two men are not really working together. But their paths would cross when they are after the same bad guys. 


The book setup nicely. With detective work and quite a bit of actions. Both combat and between the sheets. 


A book gear toward readers in the male population.


Who wouldn't want to be strong and fit and could run after the bad guys and sort after by attractive women. 


All in all a male fantasy.  


Good that it is not loosing the plot while setting that up. 


The rich guy in town of Paradise Florida is not a good person. Three elderly persons including John's aunt were murdered by the guys. 


Now John is trying to find out what his aunt knows and why she was killed. 


In the meantime, clues pop in here and there. 


Something just not right. People disappeared but there weren't many missing persons report.


There wouldn't be reported as missing if they are not legally in the country in the first place. 


More guns and fire and action. Pretty entertaining read. Not a first rate literature. If it is set up to be an action like movie type book, it reaches its mark. 


Bullseye on this one. 5 stars.