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John Puller in a small town solving murders

Zero Day - David Baldacci

Drake is a small town with only 6 thousands plus people. A family of four were murdered and one of them worked for the government intelligent wing. 


Puller was the only investigator sent to the scene of the crime. To secure any classified information from anyone including the local law enforcement and to find out what's going on and if the murders were related to his work.


So why sent only one Army to solve this. What's going on? 


As it turned out, more murders would take place. Someone also tried to killed Puller. 


The character development is pretty good. His father was a 3 stars general and now retired. His brother is smart but was sentenced to jail for treason. Robert Puller is still very smart and care for his brother. The building up of a loyal character who is loyal to the Army and to his brother makes a more complex character than just a big muscled Army detective in the field. 


The fight scene is good. But not as good as the mistake and how beaten Puller was over the mistake. 


Nice plots. Good read.  5 stars. 



As the Halloween bingo has begun. Also reading this for the "Terror in a Small Town" square.