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A distorted view on invulnerability as a superpower

Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman

Jacob is a orphan. 


He is unfortunately being sent to a Catholic school. It is a private school that allow indoctrination of Catholic religious bullshit in the classrooms.


It is sickening. 


The effect on children is obvious. Jacob was on a guilt trip and wrongly theorized that there is a balance between life and death. That if one prevent a death, someone else has to die. 


That's the premise of the book. Jacob got his superpower from his adopted father. He passed it to his best friend to test it out. Doing risky things. 


One of the chapter stating how a person in child-raping-Catholic priest uniform spreading on his distorted view on hell and how humans go to hell and animals don't. Really stupid and sickening stuff. 


There is a serious lack of character developments here. Oh is supposed to be someone the reader care about. Oh as a character has no development at all. She is only used as a plot device. 


As the storytelling goes. Not so bad. It is a fast read. It got 2 stars for that part. 


Reading this for Halloween Bingo 13 square.