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Teens stopping the Doomsday machine

Day of Doom - David Baldacci

Amy and Dan are from a family of heroes and they are fighting a group the enemies who want to start a doomsday machine. 


Feel more like a Nickelodeon TV series. With all the main characters under 16 and few adults who act responsibly. 


Amy is the leader, with a younger brother Dan, they want to stop the bad guy and rescue the hostages. 


The villain also a woman with two kids who have switch side. Ian is now working with Amy to stop his mother. 


Dan was being fooled into leaking information. Other who had betrayed them before come to their senses and worked for the right side.


The part about the Earth magnetic polarization is fun. It is not a disaster as Earth would do it all by itself through time. 


Nice action adventure for kids. With laugh out loud parts. Good fun read for kids. 


4.5 stars. 


Reading this for Halloween bingo