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Story about really big shark Megalodon

Meg - Steve Alten

People are curious about the deep. 


With water that deep, there is enough unexplored space for really big shark? 


Not really. There is no real ocean barrier for shark from the deep to swim to the surface for food. Food is a very big motivator especially when one is hungry. So that explanation of why this type of Megalodon has not been spotted yet for so long does not make sense. Plus the deep does not offer enough food for shark that size to survive. Natural selection would want this large species to mutant, dwarf gene would be a good solution for a non food rich environment. 


But that story is about a man who try to find out more about this shark because someone asked for his help. Plus his ex-wife is involved because she thought this is a big story. 


A lot of human mistake based on human arrogant lead to disaster. The rest of the story is just trying to survive this thing. Someone want to kill it while other recognize right away that it is on the protected, thought to be extincted list. 


Shark swim and eat. And it is not a picky eater really. 


As this is made into a movie and I'm a sucker for any movie that feature shark, still have a big chance to watch this. Shark is a poor animals that were eaten by stupid humans as soup. 


3.5 stars read. I have listen to the audiobook and it is pretty good. 


Reading this for Fear for Drowning deep square.