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Act of Treason
Vince Flynn
Blood Work
Michael Connelly
Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
Steven Pinker
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The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Neil Gaiman
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Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist
Richard Dawkins

Halloween Bingo update 21 Sept

Squares called: 

Date  called  Square 
01-Sep-18 Classic Horror"
03-Sep-18 Cryptozoologist 
05-Sep-18 Cozy Mystery
07-Sep-18 New Release 
09-Sep-18 Southern Gothic 
11-Sep-18 Terrifying Women 
13-Sep-18 A Grimm Tale
15-Sep-18 Modern Masters of Horror 
17-Sep-18 Creepy Carnivals
19-Sep-18 Relics and Curiosities 


Claws = Read and called   Bloody hand print = Called but not read Blood drips = read but not called 



So far, not finish reading all the called squares books yet. Trying to form lines with read books. 


Reading for the free square and then back to the called squares 


  read Zero Day - David Baldacci  


 read Thirteen Days to Midnight - Patrick Carman  



    read  South By Southeast - Anthony Horowitz  


 read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Harry Potter) - J.K. Rowling,Newt Scamander  



 read The Woods - Harlan Coben  



 read Magpie Murders - Anthony Horowitz  


  read Day of Doom - David Baldacci  



  read MaddAddam (MaddAddam Trilogy #3) - Margaret Atwood  


 read Meg - Steve Alten  


Mostly good read with some unexpected not so good one. Reading out of my usual genre and going into science fiction. Nothing against science fiction but it is hard to write a good Science fiction with good logical flow and rational plot devices. 


Good writers are able to tell a good story without telling the readers too much about his or her own philosophy or beliefs. Bad writers are usually too preachy, and only suitable for readers who already agreed with them.