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Saving Faith - David Baldacci

Faith is the side-kick of a real powerful lobbyist David. 


Now David is going down and someone who wanted to silence David trying to take out Faith to frame him. 



All well, until Faith was saved by Lee Adams, a private investigator who was hired to tail Faith.


Faith is not really likable. Probably why this is not going as well as it should be. 


while I was thinking what going on and why Faith is not acting more human and reacting normally when she and Lee is on the run, something else happened. 


Lee got drunk and almost sexual assaulted Faith. It is a delicate matter and seems it is handled well. Lee has an internal dialogue and he knew he wanted to be stopped by Faith. When Faith didn't stop him from getting into her bed. He stopped himself and ran out. He knew he couldn't do it.  


I have read some real horrible women written romance that handled similar scene without correctly labeling it as sexual assault. That's why I stayed away from romance as a rule as this forcefulness was misinterpreted by women writers no less.


Things are not that interesting even when they are on the run because they were almost caught when Faith made a mistake in trying to ditch Lee.