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Lee Adams and Faith on the run

Saving Faith - David Baldacci

Faith is a side-kick for a powerful lobbyist Danny that was in some serious deals. 


Faith tried to make a deal with the FBI only to have the FBI threaten jail time and wants her to give up Danny.


When all this is going on, the bad guy is trying to kill Faith and framed Danny. 


All this is going well for the bad guy until the private investigator Lee Adams stepped in. Lee was paid by Danny to tail Faith. Lee thought it was a case of catching some unfaithful spouse only to find a sniper fired and klled the FBI Ken when he and Faith walked toward the safe house. 


Now Faith and Lee were on the run. Faith didn't trust Lee and she wanted to get away from him. While doing that, alerted the bad guys and almost got them killed. 


This is when the story starting to pick up. The first part is a bit standard. How these two person being thrown together going to interact with each other always make pretty good story. Now, this is not the typical romance stuff. There is something more, an almost sexual assault. And called it as that. I like character who was that wrong knew about it without much sugar coating it. 


The story moved fast and it is pretty good from then on. 


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