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CIA and Turing code secret

Simple Genius - David Baldacci

Michelle is a bit suicidal. 


Sean is trying to help so he get her into a psy ward. 


Monk Turing died and it was at first ruled as suicide. 


Viggie is the daughter of Monk and is smart but also a person need help.


Sean go at it alone and go to a Baggage Town where Viggie lives to investigate the killing. 


Another person got killed while he was there and someone shot at him.


Things got interesting. 


Michelle has some suppressed memories when she was 6. 


The third of the book is all about relationship between Sean and Michelle and how they recovered from where they were mentally before. 


There are really good moments that is between Michelle and Veggie, the bonding thing. 


Sean is just trying to do his best under not so ideal circumstances. He does not work well when Michelle is not there watching his back. 


And there are some other key players Champ, and Whitefield and Valarie. 


And it is about a secret long ago. 


The revealing part goes pretty fast once Sean got the clues. 


The CIA camp is doing something secretive and not so good. Sean suspected that and readers going to find out with him.


Nice read. A bit slow starts. The characters building is so well done and it almost make up for the non action part of the book. 


4.5 stars 


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