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Zach the star fighter saving humanity

Armada - Ernest Cline

Zach is a teenager who like games and science fiction. 


Like a lot of geek, he is not popular in school.


He has lost his father when he was still a baby. He loves his mom and is aimless. 


Then his daydream came true. The UFO and alien invasion is coming. 


The video games are just simulator for trying humans to fight alien invasion.


There is more to story than this. 


Why is the aliens with so advance in technology not use their technology to whip out their enemies in a more efficient manner? 


That's the story. 


It is really enjoyable. The reference to pop culture of games and science fiction movies are familiar and it is bugging. There is a deeper layer to all of this. 


Image result for the only legitimate reason for computer is to play game


Deep. But not as deep as the quote from previous book Ready Play One. 


Related image


Reading this for Free square. 



This book would also work for Doomsday square.