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Luke has an adventure in the underworld

Eight Rivers of Shadow - Leo R. Hunt

The story is about Luke and a new girl Ash who forced/trapped Luke into helping her to save her twin half-ghost sister. 


Not bad on creating a background for the story, of Luke's father being a necromancer wronged Ash's family of necromancer.

The book of Eight still played a role as it haunted Luke in his nightmare. He was almost killed by his former servant ghosts. Now he is calling the ex servant ghost for help. 


The plot twists is there. It keep you reading as you want to find out what's happened to Luke and his girlfriend. 


But then... 


It is not really that great a story as part of it fall into all to familiar ground of cliche. Like revenge, lying, self interest. 


What is love really? 


Anyway, as the storytelling part is not too bad. Still got a 4 stars. 


Reading this for  Genre Horror square.