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Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

500 pages in and we still don't know if it is really suicide or a killing.


The running around bit is a bit much. Detective work is grunt work. Interviewing and see if there is any hole in the story. 


Jasper children want to save the man's name. Raff the young son is arrogant as ever. The stinks of entitlement is heavy with this one. He is angry at Robin for pretending to be someone else while doing undercover work. 


Strike is honest at the beginning of his relation with Lorelei. I don't get what's her problem really. When man said he didn't want more than a friend he could shag, he meant it. And if she accepted this term, it means she treat him as a friend who consent for a shag. That's fair. And if there is any change in term, there need to be a honest negotiation. Instead of changing the term one-sided and blaming the other party for not changing the term as she likes it. That's not fair. 


Anyway, Robin has a breakdown of sort when Winn called and insulted her. She felt pretty useless already after being told many times by her husband, who feel entitled to belittle Robin while shagging with his best friend's fiancee Sarah. Two good looking men with nice background and education feeling entitled. 


Robin and Strike finally have a heart to heart and update each other on what's on with their lives. That's clear the air a little. Not sure why Robin wait so late to tell Strike what's going on with the panic attack. 


Like it because I like both characters. Not liking it to be that long. 


Reading this for Darkest London. Finished this and I would have a bingo.