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Strike and Robin working on another possible staged suicide case

Lethal White - Robert Galbraith

A young mentally disturbed Jimmy charged into Strike office claiming he witnessed a kiling of a child. 


He then disappeared. 


Strike was hired to find out who is trying to blackmail a politician. It was speculated that there was no blackmail but a case of this politician wanting to investigate other politician to find dirt to be use against other politicians. 


In the meantime, Robin is having problem in her marriage. Matthew dislike her working at her job. Plus she has panic attack after the last encounter with a killer. 


Strike got a new girlfriend. A no string attach one. But beginning not to be the case. 


The second part pick up faster when the first dead body was found by Robin.


Strike's agent was hired to find out if it is really suicide or murder. 


That take Strike to interview the family members of the dead person. Some liars were found but not necessary link to the killing. 


A lot of separate, seemingly unrelated clues now click into place. At least in Strike's mind. 


The end goes really fast and pretty intense. Almost make up for dragging the case for so long. 


I like it. It is a bit long,. 


Reading this for Darkest London square.