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Crime writer Drew was a murder suspect

I See You - Gregg Hurwitz

Drew is a crime writer and he was found not guilty of killing his ex girlfriend. The problem is, he had brain tumor and has lost some of memories of what'd happened that night he found the dead body. He couldn't remember if he had killed her, but in his gut, he knew he couldn't have. He was on trial for murder and was found not guilty. 


His investigation started once he was released. He started writing the story. and the book's paragraph became part of Drew's writing. 


It is quite clever as using two set of font to distinguish  what is part of the book, and what is part of the character's book. 


The plot twist is a bit strange. The reveal is fine. It keep the reader guessing. But there isn't enough hints to have guessed the right killer. 


Overall, pretty enjoyable. 


4.5 star read. Reading this for Modern Noir square.