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Sookie the mutant have sex with vampire Bill

Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris

Sookie was a waitress and a mutant who could read minds. 


Because of that, she find it hard to have sex with a man. She is also heterosexual. 


Anyway, she could not read the minds of vampire and so make vampire very desirable to her. 

So she have sex with a vampire and allows this vampire Bill to suck her blood.


They have sex. And that's the main part of the book. 


Someone got killed, some are killed by vampire and some are by human. 


And Sookie is in danger for very little reason. The damsel in distress played too many times. It got boring. 

And somehow she taste good to vampire. And Eric wants to have her too. 


It is really boring. So glad it is over.  


Reading this for Southern Gothic square.