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Vega Jane finding out an enslaved people

The Width of the World - David Baldacci

First part of Vega Jane adventure is coming to a world that is closer to ours. But there is still something wrong when people are happy to be worked but were fooled to do so. Again. Like this world.


Then she found the magic people is behind this. Magic is being drained from magic people and let them forget themselves and be a slave. 


She is then confronted with the possible of a companion practice dark magic.


Then she found a safe haven that is hers. 


Again. All good and well until the practice of magic for battle part. Which is kind of boring. Expecting a solution to finding the True or the Greater True behind all this hurt. Then when it is not going to happen, felt a bit cheated. 


That's why it is getting a 4 or even a 3.5. 


Reading this for Spellbound.