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Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress
Steven Pinker
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The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction
Neil Gaiman
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Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist
Richard Dawkins

Halloween bingo final post

Very satisfying. Got 6 bingo in total. Got 3 more books left that were called but not read. 



 Read 22 out of the 25 books planned. 


Date  called  Square  Book read  Date read 
01-Sep-18 Classic Horror" No such square   
03-Sep-18 Cryptozoologist  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them J.K. Rowling 05-Sep-18
05-Sep-18 Cozy Mystery  No such square   
07-Sep-18 New Release  Magpie Murders by Anothony Horowitz  13-Sep-18
09-Sep-18 Southern Gothic  Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris  20-Oct-18
11-Sep-18 Terrifying Women  MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood 19-Sep-18
13-Sep-18 A Grimm Tale  No such square   
15-Sep-18 Modern Masters of Horror  Heart shaped box Joe Hill  24-Sep-18
17-Sep-18 Creepy Carnivals  No such square   
19-Sep-18 Relics and Curiosities  The Pinhoe Egg by Diana Wynne Jones  25-Sep-18
21-Sep-18 Diverse Voices  The Devotion of Suspect X vy Keigo Higashino 28-Sep-18
23-Sep-18 Murder Most Foul  Simple Genius by David Baldacci  01-Oct-18
25-Sep-18 Amateur Sleuth Saving Faith by David Baldacci  23-Sep-18
27-Sep-18 Genre: Suspense  The Woods by Harlan Coben  08-Sep-18
29-Sep-18 Supernatural  Unholy Grail by Anthony Horowitz 06-Oct-18
01-Oct-18 Ghost Story  No such square   
03-Oct-18 Doomsday  Day of Doom by David Baldacci 15-Sep-18
NA  Free square  Armada by Ernest Cline 04-Oct-18
05-Oct-18 Shifters   Not yet read  
07-Oct-18 13 Thirteen Days to Midnight by Patrick Carman  02-Sep-18
09-Oct-18 Terror in a Small Town  Zero Day by David Baldacci 01-Sep-18
11-Oct-18 Darkest London  Lethal White by J K Rowling 16-Oct-18
13-Oct-18 Gothic The New Watch Sergei Lukyanenko 31-Oct-18
15-Oct-18 Genre: Horror  Eight Rivers of Shadow leo hunt 12-Oct-18
17-Oct-18 Fear the Drowning Deep  Meg by Steve Alten  21-Sep-18
19-Oct-18 Spellbound The Width of the World by David Baldacci  23-Oct-18
21-Oct-18 Country House Mystery    Not yet read  
23-Oct-18 Dead Lands   Not yet read  
25-Oct-18 Romantic Suspense   No such square   
27-Oct-18 Slashers  No such square   
29-Oct-18 Modern Noire The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz 18-Oct-18
31-Oct-18 Baker Street Irregulars  South by Southeast by Anthony Horowitz 05-Sep-18