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Anton and prophecies

New Watch - Sergei Lukyanenko

First part is about Anton saving a prophet. 


Twilight has a being that nickname Tiger has come to kill the prophet so that the prophecy would not happen.


The theory goes, and not confirmed is that any prophecy told to human would come true. 


The prophet could either be killed before he or she tell anyone.


Anton tried to protect the boy. But with all the power of the Night Watch combined, they could not fight against the Twilight. 

So who can fight the Tiger. Anton's daughter Nadya, a Zero Enchantress, with all the power in the world. 


But Nadya is a child and she does not know how to fight yet. 


The story telling has many levels and a lot of useful, thoughtful details. Like how much is the Night Watch paid?


Unlimited account. 


Reason? Easy enough for a Higher Other to predict the future to make a profit. 


So money spent is only limited by the guilt of the Light Other. 


Other details include, could Anton live without using magic? He would get stuck in traffic. 


There is a witch who try to manipulate Anton and get to the prophecies. There are one that Anton got from the boy. And another one an old prophet gave him.


And if he knows the prophecies, and if he could not convince the Tiger that he would not tell another human, he would be killed by the Tiger.




Good story. Like it a lot. Looking forward to the next one. 


Reading this for Gothic square. My last square for this year Halloween Bingo.