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Door 5 - Armistice Day (Task 3)

Task 3: Tell us: What author’s books would you consider yourself a veteran of. (i.e., by which author have you read particularly many books - or maybe even all of them)? 

Chris Ryan is no 1 on the list. 


Chris Ryan is the pen name of Colin Armstrong, MM. Start reading his books when it was turned into TV series Strike Back. 

Action pack and usually under impossible odd. The good thing is, even with this type of action movie type of storytelling, the nature of the beast, that men who served would just refuse to give up and would have done everything they could to help their teammates to survive the mission. 



The 2nd on the list is on the same team with Colin. 


Andy McNab is the pen name for Steven Billy Mitchell, CBE, DCM, MM. 


Start reading his book after I run out of Chris Ryan books. 



Like the realism in the books that add some background to the story.  


Planning to read more of their works if I could get my hands on them. 


Colin and Steven are real soldiers who have done good work, with medals and injuries that proved again that it is a risky job. And one has to choose to do this more than just a paycheck. 


While being a very peace loving person, I like reading action pack books. And these writers are pretty good at the action bits. Colin (Chris Ryan) is exceptionally good at doing plots in some of his work.


It is hard to read their real account of the event, of Colin's escape and Steven account of being captured in Bravo Two Zero.  Soldiers want peace probably even more than other people because they want to go home in one piece, and see their family again.  Being peace loving should not and would not diminish my admiration for those who dedicate their time and put their lives at risk in trying to get that peace for everyone.