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Door 6 - International Day for Tolerance (November 16)



Task 1:  Find some redeeming quality in the book you liked least this year and post about it.


The Long Mars by: Terry Pratchett 


This is the only book I read by Terry Pratchett that I strongly dislike. 


It does have some redeeming quality. Like it is written by Terry and his imagination is enough to create an playground for the boring characters to live in, and play with. Although for some unknown reasons that I just don't care for these characters, the backdrop is still pretty. 


Task 2: Tell us: What are the tropes (up to 5) that you are not willing to live with in any book (i.e., which are absolutely beyond your capacity for tolerance) and which make that book an automatic DNF for you? (Insta-love? Love triangles? First person present narrative voice? Talking animals? The dog dies? What else?) 


Call sexual violence or domestic abuse as love or passion. Any romance that has women give excuse for the sexual and physical abuse that they suffered in the hands of their lovers. I hate that. I found these women characters stupid to beautify domestic violence as "love".  Fifty Shades of Love is one of those that called obvious domestic abuse as love. 


Double standard in books. Like calling men who have a lot of sex partners as womanizing jerk, while tolerate woman who explore their inner sexuality by sleeping with lot of men goddess. Like in Eat, Pray Love. 


Storytelling with preachy religious undertone. I hate C S Lewis series that tried to sell Christianity in his books target at children.  Another example is Hood by Stephen Lawhead that made his characters pray too much. 


Task 3: The International Day for Tolerance is a holiday declared by an international organization (UNESCO). Create a charter (humorous, serious, whatever strikes your fancy) for an international organization of readers.


Charter for readers:


Readers have right to read any book that want without interfering from public pressure that limited this freedom.


Readers have the right to read children books or books meant for young adults if they choose to do so without fear of ridicule. 


Children books should not be label by gender. There should not be boys' book or girls' book but children book. 


Readers while hold the privilege to read books for free when borrow them from library, should also  be hold responsible for the books for the consideration for other readers. Books should not have unnecessary mark on them that is beyond natural wear and tear. 


Book:  Read any fiction/non-fiction about tolerance or a book that’s outside your normal comfort zone.  (Tolerance can encompass anything you generally struggle with, be it sentient or not.) OR Read a book set in Paris.


Read a children book "Let's Go, Hugo!" by Angela Dominguez. It is cute and set in Paris.