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Door 10 Bon Om Touk

Task 1: Make a paper boat and post a picture of it. Instructions, if needed: here.


Nice. Reuse magazine paper and made this. 



Task 2: If you’ve ever attended a procession or an event involving festively decked out boats, post a picture and tell us about it.

Some years back. Got trained for the dragon boat  Invite to do this every year. This is a photo of the beach that it happens annually. Lot of people, lot of boats and it is hard work but it is a lot of fun. 


The key is to move together as a team. When the rhythm is right, part of the boat is lift off from the water and have less resistance. Not the strongest person and hands got bruised even after wearing thick gloves. Worth the experience as it is kind of fun.  


Image result for dragon boat festival


Task 3: Bon Om Touk celebrates the end of the rainy season. Tell us: What’s your favorite type of rainy day book – and do you have a favorite drink or snack to go with your rainy day reading? Photos welcome!


Rainy day read is non fiction books. Or drama and requires a bit of thinking. 


Someone got me egg rolls with pork floss as gift after a business trip to Macau. Like it a lot. Best with tea or coffee or any drink really. Which reminds me that I got some left and it is raining outside. 


Image result for macau egg roll with pork floss


Task 4: Which are your 3 favorite books where a key character is “moonlighting”?


Home - Harlan Coben 



Myron Bolitar in Home by Harlan Coben. Myron is a sport agent but moonlight as a detective. 


Turn Coat - Jim Butcher 



Harry Dresden in  Turn Coat by Jim Butcher. He is a wizard who moonlight as a detective. 


The Collectors - David Baldacci 


Oliver Stone in The Collectors by David Baldacci. Full time bum and protester and moonlight as detective. 



Book: Read a book that takes place at sea or on a river OR with water on the cover OR where the plot involves a festival or the moon plays a pivotal role in the plot. 




Fool Moon - Jim Butcher