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About growing up....

The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

Charlie is 15 yr old and is having a hard time in school because he has some emotional problems that led him to be hospitalized when he was young. 


His best friend Patrick and Sam are older than him studying in the same school. 


The book is being narrated as a series of letters written to a friend. Charlie poured himself into these letters. 


He also has a teacher Bill who gave him the best books to read. 


This is not a typical growing up story.


It is sad and dark as the story continue to reveal about Charlie and why he act the way he is. He is naive and confused and sweet. 


I love this book so much. 


It deal with the issue of domestic abuse, alcohol, drug, being gay, being different, being special or not special enough. 


It is also about family and support and how Charlie didn't try to hide but just lack the capacity to articulate his state of mind and works them into normal everything empty conversation between non best friends. 


The writer is really skilled packing so much into a little book without letting it being weighted down by the heaviness of the subject matter. 


A really good read and should be read by both teenagers and adults. If only we could be all learned a little from Charlie on how he confronted his own thoughts and feelings. 


5 stars read. A book that worth a re-read.