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The Late Show - Michael Connelly

Ballard was a woman detective who career got side tracked when she filed a sexual harassment complaint against her captain.


She was counting on her partner to back her story. Unfortunately, that didn't happened. She was mad at both of them. The problem that a woman who is being sexual harassed need a man to add credibility is a problem. To be fair, it is hard to prove that he is innocent as well. But there must be some way to do this better.


Now she was punished for speaking up and set to the night shift, which is also called the night show.


The case involved also a transgender woman being attacked by brass knuckles. She was beaten and hospitalized. The story also try to get the pronoun right by calling her a she. She is she as long as she didn't declare as a drag queen.


The story is a bit here and there without much of a focus. There was another shootout at a bar with three dead bodies.


4 stars so far. Hope it get better.