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Matt get into trouble in Peru and found one of the five

Evil Star - Anthony Horowitz

Matt was in school and he got into trouble with kids bullying him.


School children are so mean. 


Then, he got into serious trouble when his witch persuaded horrible aunt tried to kill him and many other children. 


So he got out of school. Nexus heard of a book of prophecy and want him to meet the book seller. 


He was on his way to Peru. Only to almost got kidnapped on his way to meet on of the Nexus guy. 


Matt was alone as he got separated with Richard. 


He met a kid Pedro and helped him.


Now he found out that he could talk to Pedro in his dream. Someone is trying to do something evil based on the knowledge from the book.


Matt is running around to find a way home. In the meantime, he found out more on the second gate that is going to be opened soon.


A deformed rich guy is funding this evil plan and also trying to kill Matt. 


The story is fine and the running around on his own part is kind of kid fantasy. It is nice enough to have people to help. so it would not be too dark.


The evil persons stay evil. It is kind of strange to think what is the rich guy motivation for doing this evil plan. 


Still, good enough to read the next one of the list. 


4 stars solid read.