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Jamie and Scott are two of the Five

Nightrise - Anthony Horowitz

Jamie and Scott are twins. 


They got a birthmark that looks like a tattoo.


Jamie and Scott were under an abusive man Dan White who forced them to participate in a circus. 


Their performance is not a trick. Jamie and Scott is telepathically connected. 


So someone want to kidnap them. Scott got caught while Jamie escaped. 


Jamie met a woman who has a missing son Daniel. Daniel also has power. 


The rest of the story is how Jamie trying to find Scott. 


But wait. 


In the middle when Jamie got hurt, like a bullet entered the body kind of hurt, he dreamed of another world.


This world has 5 special children. These children are the Five many years ago. 


He got into this world because one of the five is dead. And he is the replacement. 


Things go really weird. 


It is a teenagers saving the world kind of book. 


The first book introduce Matt

The second book introduce Pedro

The third book introduce Jamie and Scott 


Continue reading to Book Four. 


4 stars solid read.