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The Old Ones has turned Hong Kong into a Necropolis

Necropolis (The Power of Five, #4) - Anthony Horowitz

The book is reflecting what is happening in Hong Kong.

The Old Ones, the evil China government is poisoning the Hong Kong air and slowly killing off seven million Hong Kong people, turning some as slaves while killing their spirits by violating their rights. 


Of course, the book is about another type of evil. But it is close to the truth. 


Scar was kidnapped. The one who betrayed her is her loved one. 


Matt and Jamie are on their way to Hong Kong to save her. 


But Matt got captured too.


The story is pretty good, and it is pretty dark with children have to find help in the strangest of places, like the triad. 


Not a bad read. The places in Hong Kong that were mentioned were mostly tourist attractions. Don't matter. Hong Kong is a small place, and if it is a movie, it would be pretty. 


4 stars solid read.