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Jack Jr joined the training camp

The Teeth of the Tiger - Tom Clancy

Jack Jr was recruited to join a training camp for black op assassins. 


His cousins, the twins are joining the same camp.


The setup take over half the book and there is very little tension or happening. 


The bad guys were terrorists who have coordinated attack in shopping malls. The twins run into one team of terrorists and able to stop them in the middle and reduced the total body bags count. 


Jack Jr is doing forensic accounting to see who is funding these terrorist acts.


The whole book is as dull as blank paper towel. It is functioning and logical, yet lack texture or anything interesting or meaningful.


The only interesting bit is when they talked about other black op operative that is more or less psychopath that could kill and sleep well after killing on order without knowing the full details on how they are so sure that this is the bad guys. 


For a long time, I was looking for a twist. That Jack Jr was an undercover agent to go into this secret camp to shut it down. No such lack. So 2.5 stars for being okay written.