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Harry Bosch chasing a boy's murderer

City of Bones - Michael Connelly

A dog dig up a bone that turned out to be a human bone. 


The dog owner who found it is a doctor. He reported it and told the police that it is a bone of a child.


That's started the investigation of a boy who were killed and buried, without even being reported as missing. 


A lot of running around. False confession and whatnot. 


Harry is like a dog with a bone. He wouldn't let it go. And it is frustrating to his partner who were kept in the dark sometimes. 


A good story. With rich human elements on how people reacted to difficult situations. No big conspiracy, but very realistic on how the police homicide division work.  The team got only 10 days to work on a very old case. The boy were buried for a long time and a lot of evidence was gone. 


As expected, Harry Bosch do not disappointed. Good story. 5 stars read.