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August is a boy with a strange face

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

How a boy survived in a world where people will treat him differently because of his look.


Well, kids could be jerks and could be kind. Being kind is not that easy if the persons around them are not kind.


So the story begins when August has to go to school. 


Now he know how difficult it is to be treated differently because of how he looks. So he struggle, and find friends.


And friends didn't come easy as it is not easy to be a nice to someone when this person is so unpopular.


The story is told from August perspective, and his older Via perspective, and Summer and Jack his two best friends. 


I like of like how the story is being told. The dimension si good for the development. 


Nice story. The parents are good and it is lucky to have good parents for a kid like August.