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Hong Kong protests and I have no time to read

Managed to finish one book only.


Everything stop when the city is face with an Extradition law that sent Hong Kong people, or anyone who visit Hong Kong back to anti-human-right-China. 


Hong Kong people understand China, and it total lack of professional standard of their judicial system. Anyone who are dislike by the China dictator could be jailed, and then killed as death penalty is still common in China. 


Hong Kong as a city is slowly killing off by China and its people. Chinese and Mainland China are horrible people who don't respect human rights or animal rights. It is not about education as some who have the chance to study overseas still act like total bully when they deal with Hong Kong people. 


Hong Kong is not China. Hong Kong is Hong Kong. We hold ourselves who respect rights of fellow humans. We clean up the streets after mass protest. We form line almost automatically because that is how we live peacefully with each other in such a dense city. Violent crime is rare. That' why 2 millions of Hong Kong people could join the same protest with very little police present and nothing bad had happened. We would take care of each other. That's the underlying understand when we join march. 


Last week is one million people protest. More would come if the current Chief Executive who refused to listen to Hong Kong people not give a good apology or step down from her post. 


Will add photos when I got time.