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Mitch found out who killed the new president's wife

Act of Treason - Vince Flynn

Mark Ross is an asshole. He could be friendly and charming but he is also arrogant and only like power. 


Mark Ross has no integrity, a quality that holds a person in a standard that is acceptable to modern society. His value is closer to a sociopath who would harm and kill as long as it helps to get what he wants. 


Of course, now that he is in power and going to be the vice president, he wants to get rid of Mitch Rapp and Irene Kennedy. 


Irene is thinking of leaving too. 


Why not. It is not really an easy game. 


Ross leaked to the newspaper that Mitch captured the wrong guy. It would be potentially embarrassed to the CIA if Mitch was wrong. 


Mitch seems certain that it is fine. Well, it is his confident and having good working relationship with Irene that make the job bearable. As there is too much back stabbing going on in politic. 


Still a good read.