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Mitch setup Nash for promotion

Pursuit of Honor - Vince Flynn

Mitch considered himself damaged goods.


He also wrongly used abortion issue to point out the hypocrisy of the senators on the left. 


The beauty of the left is their desire to uphold themselves as the ideal state. Not a bad thing.


The settings up of the story is pretty good. How a person could struggle between working in a dangerous job and having a family. 


The other part is good too. The bad guys are on the run. The bad guy has an intelligent team mate who prepared them to disappear in the middle of rural America and wait until things die down before moving back home.


Fortunately for the good guys, the bad guys are having a power struggle. The over-sized ego has ruined the preparation. Now the bad guys are split into two teams. 


Overall, pretty interesting read. It is kind of obvious that Mitch is closer to the hardliner who preferred to treat the terrorists as threat always and eliminated them with any mean.  While the other political values are also closer to the Republican camp. That is the only part I dislike about this. The Republicans are not that detail in thinking and not very good in seeing where the left wing come from. Maybe watching more real news instead of Fox news. 


Anyway, still good to see how the other party things.