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Harry Hole is in a lot of pain

Knife: (Harry Hole 12) - Jo Nesbo

Harry Hole was in trouble and he lost part of his memory.


Someone close to him was murdered. And he is in a lot of emotional pain. He needs to find the killers.


He drowned out the pain by alcohol.


Now who is there to have caused this pain?


A rapist he caught long ago and is out and rape again. This sick rapist go around raping women and getting them pregnant. He is a anti-abortionist and would kill the woman that seek abortion result of the rape. Sound very Catholic. 


Now this sick rapist might want to hurt Harry because one of his son was a murderer and was killed by Harry Hole when resisting arrest. 


The mystery is here. The pain is there. A bit dark for my taste but still an enjoyable read. 


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