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Loki mission to Midgard

Loki: Where Mischief Lies - Mackenzi Lee

So it is based on the Mavel movie Loki. Fine. It is Loki who is going to find out more about himself. 


But is he? 


Loki in this story is not sure if he want to get Odin approval. But Odin is not really the modern fatherly kind. 


Thor is dumb but still loyal. 


So who is going to be friend with? Another with like him.


So he was sent to London as a punishment. He didn't like it but has no choice. 


In the meantime, he found out about magical murders and who did it. 


But what he is going to do with this information? He want to prove to his father that he is good and could be king, as much as as his brother Thor. 


Did he? He really didn't do much. Still, it is an okay read and sort of keep to his character. 


Reading this for Darkest London square.