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Vampire Michael having a new entry level job as the librarian assistant

The Librarian's Vampire Assistant: Volume 1 - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Subject matter is important. I like vampire and librarian. It is fun to have these two subjects in one book.


Expected it to be a corny novel with this type of cover.  It is a bit unexpected to find a story written for afternoon TV with no sex scene and some obvious twits. 


Yes. Michael is a vampire. He met a librarian at a coffee shop.  He met her again and mistaken for someone who is applying for an entry level job at a library. 


Then things got a bit more violent as he witness an attack on this librarian. He saved her life and got involved. 


Now he was in town from another district because his maker was murdered.  


He is not supposed to investigate the crime as it is not his district. But the local vampire leader is useless.


So he stayed and try to find the killer. 


And he did. 


The language is not great. And it read like a make-for-TV movie. 


Still, it is not painful. I would be generous and give it 4 stars. 


Reading this for International Women for Mystery square/