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Harry Bosch is testifying on a murder trial

A Darkness More Than Night - Michael Connelly


A Hollywood director David Storey was accused of murder of a young actress during sex. 


And Bosch is testifying is the detective of the case. 


The case was solid. 


Terry McCaleb is an ex-FBI profiler who got a heart surgery and has to retire, and now chartering boat for people who want to go fishing. 



He got asked to look at some weird owl thing on a crime scene photo that might lead to something more. 


The something more is a painting done by Hieronymus Bosch. A painter who painted very dark paintings 500 + years ago. One of the main object is owl in his paintings. 


So the name that is the same as Harry Bosch and the owl in the crime scene linked it to Bosch. 


Terry was thinking maybe Bosch has turned evil and killed a person who deserved it. Gunn was a bad cop.


And with all the twists and turned, it also linked to a journalist Jack McEvoy. 


The setup is really good, and all came together quite nicely. Between the detective work of Terry and Bosch being put on trial and drama in court. Fine writing and good story. 


It is unfair to give it just a 5. It is a 5+ stars read.