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A Minute to Midnight (Atlee Pine series) - David Baldacci

Atlee Pine is going back to her childhood home looking for answers. But all she found so far are more questions. 


Her twin has gone missing when they were six. The supposing killer was now in jail. But this killer has not left anyone he kidnapped to escape death. So why did he spared Atlee? Or is he really the killer.


If he is not the killer, then either her sister's killer is still out there, or his sister might still be alive.


She found out that she didn't really know her parents. The past is coming back.


In the meantime, there are some dead bodies dressed up in vintage fashion item showing up. Who killed them and why. 


This is what's going on so far in the book.


The development of the story is interesting. The setup is a bit slow for my taste but still engaging as there are more reveal of Pine's past, before she is a trained FBI agent. 


Why do her parents lied to her? 


Hope to find out soon.