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Door 18:  Hanukkah (Book task)

A Minute to Midnight (Atlee Pine series) - David Baldacci


Book: Read a book about light, miracles, featuring Jewish characters, set in Israel, that is the second book in a series, with the word “two” in the title, or with a light on the cover.


Atlee Pine is working through her aggression. 


And she still wants so much to find out who has taken and killed her twin sister.


Now in her old home, she find out more about the past of her parents that she didn't know before. 


There are a mix of persons around her. 

Her assistance, Blum is a older woman with children. And a trusting ally. 


Laredo is the man who wronged her before, and now met again. He said he was a changed man after his divorce.


Jack Lineberry, an older gentleman who knew her mother. And still holding back information from her. 


And three murders. Who are the killer and why. 


The story is mostly on Pine finding more about her past and his sister's murder. Some of the story is on the new murders, which seems to be a lot of running around interviewing persons of interest and discovering their lies. 


Good story. For me, not the best, but still engaging enough to stay up reading. 


Reading this for Door 18 with light in the cover. After all, this book is about hope.