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Thought provoking and timely

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century - Timothy Snyder

What's going on in the world is when good people fall asleep, and didn't learn from history and not see the warning sign. 


Putin is the bad guy, and manipulative as hell. Russia influence on American politics is real. China is actually using economic and other tactics to get its way. If the democratic world didn't see what's going on. The communists and the fascists would take over the world and people would suffer the consequence of having no freedom or basic human rights. Europe is not great, but it is still way better than Russia and China now when people could be disappeared. killed, jailed for speaking the truth or write books that do the same. 


Learn about it. The author is right to be worry that the right wing people are not thinking enough to know they are being manipulated. And Trump is a joke, but a dangerous man nevertheless. It is right to worry that the worst is yet to come if the people who are still living in the free world don't speak up against fake news, and other lies the bad guys in power are telling the public. 


Must read. Highly recommended.