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Tim is back to get a woman out of a cult

The Program - Gregg Hurwitz

Tim is back to work. A man in position is asking the Marshall service to get her daughter out. 


Leah is in a cult. The book go through the strategy of recruitment and how they attacked a person self-esteem. 


The scary part is that I have similar experienced in an Evangelical church before when I was still in university. Religion and cult is the same thing if they are trying to control human behavior and bring down a person esteem to worship a monster as deity. The "Life Boat" exercise echoed my experience for being put down and pressured into joining. 


The rest is pretty good. How Tim is being turned into a mark and joining the retreat. How the "Teacher" has all the power and sexual abuse young women. 


I stayed up for this. Read too fast as I wanted so much to read the ending. This is going to be re-read and enjoyed again. 


Dray is there and very supportive. Tim is not really having a lot of character developments in this one beside being protective and could endure physical attacks. 


Nicely done. 4.5 stars. 


I missed Booklikes for a few days as it was offline. Glad to be back.