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David's wife coming back from the death

Tell No One - Harlan Coben

David and Elizabeth is in love. 


So they have an annual getaway to the wood and celebrate next to a lake in the wood. 


Someone attack them and kidnapped Elizabeth. David was knocked out. 


That's was eight years ago. His wife is the last victim of a serial killer KillerRoy. 


David is a pediatric doctor. He works in the poor part of the neighborhood.  


He received email. Suggesting that his dead wife is still alive. 


A desperate man who want nothing more than having his wife back. He follow the clue. 


Now he suspected that KillerRoy is not the one who took his wife life. 


Two more bodies were discovered that were linked to his wife's death.


Hoyt, Elizabeth's father is a cop. He is the one who identified the body. Could he be wrong? 


It is s mystery. A good one. Another page turner.